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Traditional sash windows, casment windows, and doors

Offering some of the greatest products available in the field, Sunlux Sash Windows is a company that treats every product with an incredible level of care and attention. We specialise in sash windows and we’re one of the country’s leading manufacturers in the field, but we treat our casement windows, doors, and the multitude of other products with the same attention to detail. You won’t find better windows and doors elsewhere!

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Sash Windows

With their timeless look and infinite versatility, sash windows remain the most popular form of window in the UK. Though their look has remained virtually unchanged since the Victorian era, the technology behind them has evolved, allowing us to give you a modern solution that fits in well with the traditional UK architecture.

Sash standard PLUS

Sash standard PLUS

Box sash windows Standard PLUS 50/86 size model is one of Sunlux’s most popular choices.
With a unique cord and weights operating systems, they offer ease of use, good ventilation, without sacrificing any of the excellent protection against the elements that all our windows offer.

Sash balance

Sash balance

The 50/45 size spiral balance sash windows model is one of our bestsellers.

Outfitted with a spring balance system, it’s a very practical solution for clients whowant a traditional box sash window with modern technology behind it for maximum functionality.

Sash balance

Sash balance Elegance

Our Sash Balance Elegance line offers maximum functionality in a discreet manner available in 50/65 size.


Elegance and grace were the key feature we wanted to focus on with this model, so intricately designed wooden elements are integrated with the glass.

Sash balance excellent

Sash balance excellent – Triple Glazed

If you’re looking for a window that will provide you with maximum protection, the spiral balance sash Excellent model is your best choice. A set of triple-glazed windows, this line is perfect for anyone that lives someplace exposed to the elements.


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Our company has been offering a wide selection of windows for many years. In order to accommodate to a variety of tastes and styles, our offer consists of windows from various manufacturers. To further enhance the size of our selection, we also manufacture our own windows and our brand is an important part of our portfolio.


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Other products

Casement windows

Expertly crafted, our casement windows are the perfect choice if you’re looking for traditional looks combined with optimal ventilation.


Choose from our incredible selection of doors and find something that can really complete your interior.


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