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Sunlux – a bit About Ourselves

Sunlux is a company with more than a decade of experience creating windows and doors for our clients in London. Our team of highly specialised craftsmen have the sole purpose of adorning British homes with high-quality, stylish windows that offer plenty of natural light and ventilation to the homes.

What Do Our Sash Windows Offer

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Our sash windows are our most demanded products – these windows are most likely the most used windows in the UK, and there are reasons behind it.

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  • Sash windows are easy to install and maintain – they are excellent sources of natural light that jive with any kind of room.


  • They provide excellent ventilation and air circulation – if you want to have a constant stream of fresh air in your home – they are the way to go.


  • Their designs are versatile and reliable, this means that whether you have a period home, a modern home, or a contemporary home, we can offer you a sash window that will fit your needs.



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Our Other Products

While our sash windows are excellent, and frankly, almost every home can benefit from them – we offer numerous other home windows and doors that will scratch your itch for renovation:

  • Bi-fold doors are renowned for their simple design and excellent architecture – if you want a simple solution that will provide you with plenty of natural light in your home and give you a great view of your garden, we highly recommend you go with these doors.
  • We offer various sash window parts such as pullies, handles, and lifts – whatever you need for your sash windows, you’ll find it with us.


What Makes Us Different


There is a huge market for selling windows, but almost no company provides what we provide:
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  • Reasonable prices to go with our high quality: while our windows are top-notch, we recognise that they need to be affordable. That’s why we are completely transparent about our pricing, and we try to keep the cost as low as possible.
  • Our windows are custom-made with the idea of maximising natural sunlight and ventilation. We use various techniques to tailor our windows to those needs.



What Do You Need to Know About Greenwich

Greenwich is a large and populous area located 5.5 miles (8.9 km) east-southeast of Charing Cross. Greenwich was a popular resort location during the 18th century, and because of that, many historical castles and period homes were built there, such as the Vanbrugh Castle. Now, Greenwich is one of the 4 boroughs that have the Royal Borough status and it is included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which makes it a place of great historical and cultural interest.


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