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A Little about Sunlux Sash Windows

Sunlux Sash Windows believes that the natural light that comes from the sun is the best way to light our rooms – because it is healthier, conserves energy, and makes our rooms lovelier. Following that mission, our company has provided various types of doors and windows that have lightened up rooms across London from period Victorian homes to large business complexes.

Our Sash Windows

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Crafting sash windows is how we started our business, and they are en vogue and highly popular after so long. We offer a wide range of sash windows – from different designs, various sizes, and customization options. Sash windows are one of the oldest window types and, because of their numerous advantages, they are here to stay.

Best windows in Wandsworth!

  • They are great insulators – they let in light and air without letting the heat escape from your home – with these windows, you won’t have to worry about getting higher electricity bills.


  • Having two movable sashes makes air circulate much easier through your rooms – which means better ventilation, fresher air, and a better atmosphere for your room.

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What Else Do We Offer?

While we started with sash windows, we’ve since developed our business and now we can bring natural light into your home through various other items:

  • French doors and bi-fold doors are two of the most effective doors in bringing light to your home – not only that, they provide a wide and unadulterated view on your patio, which makes them a great way to showcase the garden you’ve worked so hard on.
  • Our casement windows have similar functions to doors, and they come in various sizes and styles, so you’re not limited if you choose to install them in your home.


What Sets Us Apart?


We pride ourselves in offering great products made using high-quality material, while still charging modest amounts of money – because we believe that the only way a business should grow is by making its customers happy – and it’s not just about the price. We focus on making life easier for our customers by providing excellent and professional repair, shipment, and customization services – once you do business with us, we’ll make sure everything goes on without a cinch.
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Wandsworth is a district of London that is situated 4.6 miles (7.4 km) southwest of the centre of London. It has historically been known as a welcoming hub for incoming immigrants to London, so it is a very diverse and interesting place with a beautiful mix of cultures and people.


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