Sash Balance Excellent
58/86 Triple Glazed

Sash windows are among the most popular windows in the UK. Whether it’s in the city or the countryside, you will encounter dozens of examples of this classic window design. Even though the design has stayed unchanged, the technology underneath is constantly updated, resulting in windows that look traditional, but function like any other modern window.

You will get all of it with Sunlux’s Sash Balance Excellent Triple Glazed

Sash Balance Excellent is a triple-glazed solution for your home that offers the maximum amount of security you could wish for. Though it might seem triple glazing is excessive, there are actually many benefits to the third pane that can definitely make your life easier.

The additional layer adds more security, as your windows are harder to break in. Triple glazed windows can decrease heat loss and offers significant reduciton in noise pollution.
Available in a 58/86 size, our Sash Balance Excellent should fit into most homes without a problem. Aside from the triple glazing, is also lets you choose between springs and cords with weights for your opening mechanism, so you can freely customise your window to get maximum out of it.

Our Sash Balance Excellent is a solution that combines all the benefits of our other sash windows, i.e. their elegant looks and modern, technologically advanced mechanisms, with the added security of triple glazing. If you want the best window performance for your home, this window is exactly what you need.

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The reason for the lingering popularity of sash windows in the UK is twofold. The first is our love of tradition and all things classic. Sash windows are a timeless design that can fit into most architectural styles, always giving them that distinctly UK flair that we all know and love. The other reason is its functionality. With two window panes operating on a vertical sash, sash windows are an incredibly practical solution that allows you to decide how much you want to open up your window without taking up any more horizontal space. With the introduction of modern technologies into this timeless designs, sash windows have become the perfect marriage of old and new, making them the ideal window for this day and age. If you want to make sure your windows will stand the test of time, make sure your windows come from a trusted manufacturer, such as Sunlux Sash Windows.

Expert craftsmanship

The trick to making our windows as good as they are is all in the people. For all the years we’ve been operating on the market, we’ve gained valuable experience that has allowed us to really grow as craftsmen. Every handmade window has been handled with care, and every single one has made us even better at our craft than ever before. Though we possess in-depth knowledge on all the technical aspects of the window, we are artists first and foremost, with each of our projects being an individual work of art that we pay close attention to as we work. With the level of attention to detail, we put into every window, you can be sure you’re getting a solid product that will last you for a long time

A good foundation

All the craftsmanship in the world wouldn’t help us if we didn’t have the right tools and materials to work with. Provided to us by some of the most reputable experts in the field, the materials we work on meet all modern standards, so that we can realise our full potential in bringing you a product that’s truly premium on all levels. Enjoy your windows to the full with Sunlux’s expertly crafted, high quality sash windows.

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