Sash Balance Elegance

The classic design of sash windows has made them a staple of homes all around the UK, both in cities and the countryside. However, just because sash windows retain their classic design from days gone by doesn’t mean that they’re outdated, as new technologies have made it possible to craft advanced, modern windows that still look and feel like old ones. This is thanks to the discreet mechanisms, such as those found in Sunlux’s Sash Balance Elegance windows.

Spiral Balance Sash Windows Elegance is for you if you are looking for exquisite looks combined with maximum functionality. With fine craftsmanship implementing simple woodcuts and understated wooden elements, these sash windows are an elegant solution that will fit in perfectly with any UK home.

Spiral Balance Sash Windows Elegance

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Spiral Balance Sash Windows for every home

It is not a secret that sash windows are among the most popular types of windows in the UK.
For many years they have been a fixed element of the landscape both in urban and rural areas. One of the reasons for this lasting popularity is the windows classic looks with their timeless quality and lasting appeal. Probably the main reason why sash windows have stuck around for so long is how functional they are. With sashes moving along vertically, sash windows are extremely easy to operate. They are the perfect combination of incredible looks and optimal performance, as long as they come from a reputable source. Luckily, Sunlux Sash Windows is as reputable as they come.

Craftsmanship you can trust

Sunlux is currently one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of sash windows, and we have been working hard to earn that reputation. Over the years, we have gained a lot of experience, with our craftsmen employing their honed skills to bring our clients the best windows they could hope for. With knowledge of the trade inside and out, we know exactly what a window needs in order to properly function and look good, and we have the techniques to make it a reality. Our windows are handmade, with our craftsmen paying incredible attention to detail, ensuring that every last inch of your window is exactly as it should be.

A solid basis

Our craftsmen maybe some of the best when it comes to spiral balance sash windows, but in fact, they would not be able to deliver as solid a product as they do without access to the most cutting edge tools and solid materials. Provided by some of the best experts on the market, our materials meet all the requirements set on them nowadays, so our windows can be as solid and long-lasting as can be. Enjoy the full extent of their traditional looks combined with all the benefits that modern technology got to offer.

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