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Casement window 2

Bespoke sash windows – how can I customise my windows?

Sash windows are a fantastic addition to any home – that much is quite obvious, if only due to the window type’s popularity in the UK. As a result of this popularity, there is a great number of customisation options for sash windows nowadays, Whether you want your home to look more traditional or more […]

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Reducing window condensation

While there’s no denying the fact that well-designed windows can have a big, positive impact on your home’s looks, both interior and exterior. there is a certain factor that makes it difficult to maintain that look at all times. Window condensation can be an eyesore, but on top of that it can even cause damage […]

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French doors

5 tips for choosing French doors

French doors are an incredible way of adding more light to your home with style. Their structure, consisting mostly of glass, is the perfect way to bring more sunlight into your home, no matter where you place them, and their timeless look is bound to fit into any style of interior, no matter how rustic […]

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