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Parts of Sash Windows

While sash windows are popular and you can find them everywhere, there are still many people who don’t know the parts of sash windows and why they are used. Because sash windows contain many parts and, usually, they are more complicated to manufacture and operate than normal windows, it isn’t easy to know what’s what when you use them. Here is a guide on the most commonly used sash window parts, how they are used, and why they are useful.

Movable Panels/Sashes

The movable panels or sashes are the most important part of the sash window, and it is what it was named after. Made of aluminium, wood, or other light materials, the panels are shaped into a frame to hold panes of glass in them, and they are often separated from other similar panels through moulded strips of wood.

The Sash Balance Elegance is an excellent example from our repertoire that shows how important the panels are. They are front and centre in your window, so you have to ensure they have the best quality and excellent style. They also determine how many glass panes you’ll have in your window.

One more important decision you need to make is whether you want only one movable sash or more than one. Windows with one movable sash are usually less expensive and easier to maintain – but double movable sash windows, such as Sash Balance, offer better air circulation and control. You have to decide which is more important for you.

Glass Panes

The glass panes are what constitutes the majority of your window’s body, so they are very important to its operation. They affect many things relating to how useful your windows are.

Whether the glass pane is double or triple-glazed changes a lot about your window. Double glazed windows cost less and weigh less, but they can’t compare to triple glazed windows for heat retention. Triple glazed sash windows have a substantially higher price but in return, you’ll get windows that are harder to break, don’t let harmful UV rays in, and retain your house’s heat and keep it warm. In the long run, triple glazed windows pay for themselves with the reduced energy bills and maintenance costs.

The Counterweight and the Cord

The moulded strips of wood and glass panes are heavy, and you need some sort of counterweight to balance the weight and make the window easier to operate. Counterbalances are made from heavy steel, lead, or cast-iron, and they are hidden in the window frame – a cord or chain is used to connect the counterweight to a pulley that’s usually at the top of the window. This setup makes the sashes much easier to open and removes a lot of pressure from them.

The Frame

The frame is where all of these parts come together and form your window:

  • Because you need to hide the counterweight and cord in the frame, they might cause it to rot and deteriorate if not careful.
  • Sashes, glass panes, and counterweights are all heavy materials that put a substantial strain on the window frame.

This is why the frame is more important to sash windows compared to other types of windows. Make sure the frames you install are of high quality and can withstand pressure and heavy loads.

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