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How Do Sash Windows Work

From the Georgian era, through Victorian times, and finally to the modern era, sash windows have been the most popular windows in British homes. you’ll find them in homes, castles, stores, and business complexes. So, what makes them so popular? How come they’ve stood the test of time so well? What are their advantages? We are going to explore sash windows in depth and take a trip down their long and charming history to learn all about them.

What are Sash Windows Made of?

A sash window is made with one or multiple movable sashes or panels which create a basic structure you can fill with panes of glass. The panes are separated with glazing bars or moulded strips of wood – so a panel can hold anywhere from one glass pane to 6 panes or more.
The sash window contains many other parts common to most windows: cords, a sill, top and bottom rails, timber linings, and sash weights.

How do Sash Windows Work?

The glazed panels are heavy, so, in order to facilitate operation, they are counterbalanced by a ‘sash weight’ which is usually a piece of heavy lead, steel, or cast-iron stored and concealed within the frame.
Normally, a cord or a chain is used. It runs over a pulley at the top of the frame, which helps with opening and closing the window. Although spring balances are sometimes used because repairing a broken cord usually entails disassembling and replacing parts or the whole of the window frame.

Why have They been Popular for so Long?

Now, reading so far, you might be wondering what makes them so popular? Aren’t they complicated to operate and use? Isn’t there a downside to the weights and cords? These are all true, but the windows have enough advantages to make up for all that and much more:

  • Most windows, like the Spiral Balance Sash Windows, contain two movable panels – they give you excellent air circulation and control – the minute way you can control how much ventilation your room gets is useful for a wide range of climates and temperatures.
  • Due to their design, you’ll get excellent insulation from sash windows – poor insulation and heat retention is one of the primary costs of hiked up electricity bills. You can even get extra protection thanks to Triple Glazed Sash Window.
  • Versatility is synonymous with Sash windows to interior designers. Thanks to being around for so long, there are an infinite amount of sizes, designs, and materials to choose from for your sash window. You can go for a modern typical look or you can have a very attractive and attention-grabbing Victorian sash window design. In either case, you’ll be sure you can find a sash window that fits your needs.

Do They Have Downsides?

Nothing is without its downsides, and that certainly applies to Sash windows too – they aren’t the answer to every window problem:

  • They usually don’t let sufficient light in, so they aren’t great if that’s your main concern. Even the Sash Standard Plus, which is great for letting light in, can’t compete with a roof skylight window.
  • While they are sturdy and hard to break, if something happens to them and they break, you’d probably need to replace the frame and windows.

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