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Reducing window condensation

While there’s no denying the fact that well-designed windows can have a big, positive impact on your home’s looks, both interior and exterior. there is a certain factor that makes it difficult to maintain that look at all times. Window condensation can be an eyesore, but on top of that it can even cause damage to your home – this is particularly true for older windows. It’s cause is quite clear – condensation happens when the home is subjected to excessive moisture, which is more common in the winter. But don’t worry – there are ways to combat condensation. Keep reading to find out what they are!

Dealing with condensation from the inside

When it comes to interior condensation, or the condensation that happens inside your windows, it’s the form of condensation that most people have to deal with – and one that is the biggest hindrance. You might notice that the most common areas where interior window condensation occurs in your house is the bathroom, kitchen, or nursery. If you own a humidifier, it might be the biggest cause, so consider turning it down, and if that fails, a moisture eliminator might be the choice for you. The aforementioned bathrooms and kitchens are very much at risk of causing condensation simply due to the fact that so much warm water keeps being circulated in those areas – good kitchen and bathroom fans, as well as simply keeping your windows open, will help improve your air circulation and reduce window precipitation. One other factor to look out for is your room temperature – bringing it higher can also reduce the risk of condensation.

Window condensation outside and between window panes

External window condensation may be hard to avoid. The most common solution is simply having patience and waiting for the sun to do its work and dry off your window. There are, however, several products that can help reduce your exterior condensation. As for condensation occurring between windows panes, it would be best to start with simply cleaning your windows, to make sure that it’s not anything else. If that fails and you’re left with condensation between panes, the only thing you can really do is replace the window panes or the window itself.

How about condensation problems with roof windows and skylights? For the most part, they can be handled similarly to regular windows. Check out our catalogue of windows ( and you’ll find nicely designed skylights and roof windows that carry little risk of condensation!

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