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How to tell that you need new windows

Windows are important. They give us a nice view while also protecting us from the perils of the outdoors, but only if they’re working properly. Sadly, everything has an expiration date, and even your windows will reach a point when they’ll need to be replaced. But how can you tell when the time is right? Here are a couple signs you should look out for to decide whether your windows need to be replaced.

1. There is rot on your windows

This is mostly a problem with wooden windows. Though they’re a classic design that works perfectly in both traditional and contemporary interiors, proper maintenance is key. However, it is actually quite easy to forget about that, and once or twice is enough to let the moisture settle in and rot away your window frames. Once that happens, stopping its progress becomes nearly impossible. The moment you see rot spreading on your window is when you should consider replacing them.

2. Your windows are leaking

We’ve already mentioned moisture in the previous point, but the negative impact water has on windows doesn’t stop there. Moisture can get between the double panes of the windows, resulting in water gathering in-between, causing condensation. This is a good indicator that the seals within the window have stopped working properly, and replacing a window is the best way to go about it.

3. There’s always a draft

Drafty windows are never a good thing. Letting cold air in the winter is, of course, hard to deal with, but consider how much energy you are wasting. A draft can really impact your bills if you don’t react quickly enough. The reasons for drafts may differ, but it may turn out that the only way to fix it is to replace the window.

4. You’re having trouble opening your windows

If you can’t open your window in any way, that’s a big problem. Whether you just want to let some air in or need to use it as an escape route in an emergency, there is no denying the fact that not being able to open your window is a big inconvenience. If you’re having trouble with that, it’s time to consider a replacement.

5. The noise from outside is becoming hard to bear

If you’re having trouble falling asleep because of all the noise you’ve started to hear recently, the cause may be your window. Newer windows come with soundproofing, so why not treat yourself and exchange your outdated window for a new, improved model?

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