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6 Ways to Increase the Security of Your Sash Windows

Security of your home depends on your windows as much as on doors. That’s why at Sunlux we create and manufacture only high quality windows that are safe, weather proof and convenient to use. If you wonder how to ensure their maximum safety, read our advices!

1. Take care of your sash windows

It might sound very basic but one of the most effective ways of increasing security of your home is maintaining and restoring them. You should make sure that your windows work efficiently and are properly maintained After decades of use the materials can wear off and over time and be more prone to damages which will lead to providing less and less security to your home. Well-maintained windows provide you with very decent level of security, so if you notice any part of it looking poor or fragile, you should purchase replacement of this parts immediately.

2.Choose solid and unbreakable materials

If you want some extra security you can choose to reinforce your window glass. It is stronger that standard glass and harder to break through for burglars. If an intruder will try to get through it, the attempt of breaking the glass will alarm you or your neighbours. It is more expensive option but way more aesthetic than for example installing bars.

3.Restrictions for your family members’ safety

In case that you are mostly concerned about your family, try installing opening restrictions to improve the security of your windows. They can interfere with the opening limit to ensure that your sash windows will open only to the certain distance, so your family and pets are safe form falling out. It also has one more benefit – it prevents any intruders from getting inside.

4. Dual screws as a security measure

Dual screws secure the window frames from opening completely. They fit most window types and their benefits are great. Dual screws are very effective on day-to-day use as well as on special events such as going on holidays to ensure that your windows are properly secured.

5. Sash stops to lock up the window

Fitted in pairs to the stiles of the upper portion of the window, sash stops prevent the two sashes from sliding past each other. The locks can be fitted about 10 cm above the top of the lower sash to ensure ventilation without any worry of an intruder trying to get inside.

6. Restrict the visibility from the outside

You can keep your possessions safe by drawing the curtains that will prevent anyone from looking into your apartment. For maximum security you can install shutters on ground-level windows. You might also consider installing sandblastedglass on lower level windows.

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