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French Doors vs Sliding Doors – which is the better option for you?

When choosing interior doors for your home, office, or any other locale, many people just go with the safest and, frankly, most generic options available, opting for a simple, single swinging door. But there is a way through which you can enrich your interior, bringing in so much more character with just one little change – choosing a different type of door. And few other doors do such a good job of making your home a nicer looking place than French doors and sliding doors. But which type is the best for you?

What you’re looking for is patio doors

French doors and sliding doors are considered patio doors. Their original purpose was to serve as an entrance from your patio into your home, as the name might suggest. Don’t let that name fool you, however – they can be used just as effectively as interior doors. Both of those types are available in a multitude of styles, so you can be sure you’ll get exactly the look you’re looking for. Sliding doors are distinct in that their designs have two panel sections – one of which is fixed, while the other slides open instead of hinging open. French doors, on the other hand, operate on a hinge and consist of a frame around glass panels (hence their alternative name – French windows), and they are often installed in pairs.

Looks may be an important factors, and both types of doors definitely have something to offer in that regard, but it’s how they work, their advantages and disadvantages, that will ultimately decide which door is best for you.

The pros and cons of sliding doors


  • Ease of use – very user-friendly, due to the fact that the weight of the sliding panel is supported by the track. You don’t need to push hard – they’ll do most of the work for you.
  • Conservation of space – this is the ideal solution for smaller interiors, as you don’t need to leave room for the door to hinge open.
  • Security – their unique structure allows designers to implement some very effective preventative measures.


  • Cumbersome locking systems – unlike the regular lock placed underneath the doorknob, as with a regular door, sliding doors require more complex solutions, such as anti-lift blocks fixed at the top of the rails.


The pros and cons of French doors


  • Greater ease of access – they may take up more space, but French windows have the edge when it comes to the ability to open up the entire width of the doorway, as sliding doors will always cover up at least part of it.
  • Ventilation¬†– as both parts of a French door can be opened fully, the ventilation capabilities of the French door are much greater.


  • Various mechanical issues – due to the limited number of materials that can be used to craft French doors, as well as the face that they use hinges, there is a greater chance that you’ll need to conduct repairs in the long run.
  • Costs – French doors are simply more expensive than sliding doors.

The verdict

In the end, there is no one clear winner between sliding and French doors – it really all depends on your personal needs! Either can be as efficient as you need it to be – just keep in mind what you set out to accomplish and you should be alright!

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