Sash balance 50/45 A

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Sash windows are among the most popular types of windows used in the UK. With their traditional good looks and functional design, it’s no wonder these windows have become such a staple for homes nation-wide.

Sunlux is proud to introduce its new line of timber box sash windows. All of our windows are made by expert craftsmen, not by technicians. Each and every window is made by an expert who has done it many times before – by hand, and with a level of artistry found nowhere else.

We ensure the greatest quality that can be provided by having all of our products be hand-made, using tried and tested, traditional manufacturing techniques, combined with modern materials that can ensure modern-level high quality without losing that authentic charm that makes sash windows so popular.

Our Sash Balance windows are a best seller among our clients, mostly owing to the unique springs balanced operating system. Using a complex set of springs for operating the window’s functions, this model is a very practical solution for any client wanting a traditional box sash window that uses amazing modern technology to ensure maximum functionality.

Our 50/45-sized Sash Balance windows offer you a unique look that’s still distinctly a sash window. The expert craftsmanship shows through not only through its unique look, but also the way everything just falls into place. You’d be hard pressed to find a window that so expertly marries a solid, traditional design with modern technologies.

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    trickle vent is a very small[opening in a window or other building envelope component to allow small amounts of ventilation in spaces intended to be naturally ventilated when major elements of the design - windows, doors, etc., are otherwise closed.

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    One of the most distinct features of the timber sash window is the sash horn. In the past, sash horns were an inseparable part of sash windows, which made them one of the most telling points of timber sash windows. They also served a practical purpose by strengthening the mortice and tenon joints of the window. This would ensure that the sashes of the window wouldn't be opened too far.

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